Sous Chef – DCWEEK Hackathon Second Place

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Over the weekend I took a break from my normal schedule of partying to participate in DCWEEK’s Hackathon. This Hackthon was two days, Saturday to Sunday. Teams up to four members competed to create an application the judges deemed “the best” for prizes. There were no restrictions in what type of app you created but there were extra prizes for those who programmed for the Microsoft Surface.

My co-workers from JIBE – Adam Lloyd, James Petty and Boris Kozak formed our Hackathon team and arrived early Saturday. After getting briefed about the different APIs that were available to us we broke to a room to start coming up with ideas. We debated on a couple of ideas before settling on Sous Chef – a voice-activated recipe app that would work on the Microsoft Surface. 36 hours later we had a workable demo and the beginnings of a promising product.

Here is our Demo: