Passion or Arrogance

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“Steve cared,” Cook continues. “He cared deeply about things. Yes, he was very passionate about things, and he wanted things to be perfect. And that was what was great about him. A lot of people mistook that passion for arrogance. He wasn’t a saint. I’m not saying that. None of us are. But it’s emphatically untrue that he wasn’t a great human being, and that is totally not understood.

It ain’t easy distinguishing a passionate person from an asshole. I’d rather work with a passionate person who is rough at times than someone who doesn’t care.


Apple Watch Buying Cycle

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I agree with Gruber that the Watch will most likely not have the every-two-year buying cycle that Apple sees with the iPhone. I think the buying cycle will be between the iPhone and the iPad. I still have my iPad 2 and since it generally stays in my apartment, it’s rather unscathed and can do what I use it for easily. A Watch on the other hand will take a daily abuse, perhaps even more since it’s not in someones pocket.

I predict Apply Watch buyers will buy new every 3ish years. iPhone will remain every 2, laptops and iPads will be every 5ish years.